Enumerative geometry of theta characteristics, September 2016
in IRTG 1800 student conference 2016, Leiden/The Netherlands

Berkovich curves, June 2016
in IRTG College Seminar ‘Berkovich Spaces’, Berlin/Germany

Twistor connectivity of the cohomological moduli spaces, April 2016
in Intercity Geometry Seminar ‘Hodge isometries between K3 surfaces’, Leiden/The Netherlands

Enumerative geometry of theta characteristics, March 2016
in Arithmetic and Algebraic Geometry Seminar, Amsterdam/The Netherlands

Theta characteristics of an algebraic curve I, October 2015
in IRTG College Seminar ‘Literature Seminar’, Berlin/Germany

Finiteness of isogeny classes, June 2015
in IRTG College Seminar ‘Faltings’ theorem’, Berlin/Germany

Cohomology of complex tori, October 2014
in IRTG College Seminar ‘Abelian varieties and Fourier-Mukai transforms’, Berlin/Germany

Hecke operators, Hecke theory and the L-function associated to a cusp form, April 2014
in IRTG College Seminar ‘Fermat’s last theorem’, Berlin/Germany

Cohomology of Configuration Spaces – Part II, January 2014
in Topology and Geometry of Configuration Spaces, Bedlewo/Poland

Hurwitz numbers (Moduli and Automorphic Forms), September 2013
in Summer School (Moduli and Automorphic Forms) 2013, Joachimsthal/Germany

What is the moduli space of curves?, March 2013
in XV. Antalya Algebra Day, Antalya/Turkey

Idea of the moduli space of curves, March 2013
in Bilkent Algebraic Geometry Seminar, Ankara/Turkey

In how many ways can you vary a complex curve?, February 2013
in Student Conference, Berlin/Germany

The j-invariant, January 2013
in “What is…?” Seminar, Berlin/Germany

Schubert cycles, June 2012
in Intersection Theory Seminar, Berlin/Germany

*IRTG: International Research Training Group