About me

I am currently (01.05.17 – 30.04.19) a postdoctoral researcher in Max-Planck-Institute MiS, Leipzig.

I am also finishing a PhD in mathematics at Humboldt University of Berlin. My doctoral advisor is Gavril Farkas.
I visited (01.11.15 – 30.04.16) University of Amsterdam. My advisor there was Gerard van der Geer.

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Research Interests

I am interested in the moduli spaces of algebraic curves with various embellishments, primarily with the intention of studying the extrinsic geometry of curves. Currently,
I am studying the moduli space of multiple spin curves in order to say more about the configuration of contact hyperplanes to canonically embedded curves.


International Research Training Group: Moduli and Automorphic Forms, GRK 1800, since 2013.
Space-Time-Matter, Analytic and Geometric Structures, SFB 647, since 2013
Berlin Mathematical School, BMS, since 2011

Contact me at: emresertoz (at) gmail (dot) com

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