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I am currently (01.04 – 30.09.2020) mentored by Matthias Schütt at the Institute of Algebraic Geometry at Leibniz University Hannover (LUH).

Afterwards (01.10.2020 – 31.08.2021), I will be in the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in Bonn, my mentor there will be Daniel Huybrechts.

Past employment

I was (01.05.17 – 31.03.20) a postdoctoral researcher in Max-Planck-Institute MiS, Leipzig, working with Mateusz Michalek and Bernd Sturmfels.  

I completed my PhD in Mathematics at Humboldt University of Berlin with a 6 month stay at University of Amsterdam.  My doctoral advisor was Gavril Farkas and my co-advisor on the Dutch side was Gerard van der Geer.

Research Interests

Moduli spaces in algebraic geometry, in particular moduli spaces of curves with various embellishments.
Projective geometry with an emphasis on enumerative problems.
Computation of periods and Picard rank of surfaces in projective space (try PeriodSuite).
Numerical algebraic geometry. Arithmetic of periods of algebraic varieties.

Organizational activities

  1. Organising the session Algebraic geometry through numerical computation in the International Congress on Mathematical Software 2020, joint with Taylor Brysiewicz, 13-17 July 2020, Braunschweig/Germany.
  2. I am one of the editors for the Cubic Surfaces special issue in Le Matematiche, with Marta Panizzut and Kristian Ranestad, to appear in Summer 2020.
  3. Cubic surfaces wiki and the corresponding event in Oslo, 13 May 2019
  4. Non-Linear Algebra Seminar, joint with Max Pfeffer, from December 2018 to May 2019, Leipzig/Germany
  5. Minisymposium on Riemann Surfaces, 9-13 July 2019, Bern/Switzerland
  6. Numerical Computing in Algebraic Geometry, 13-17 August 2018, Leipzig/Germany


Max-Planck-Institute, since 2017
International Research Training Group: Moduli and Automorphic Forms, GRK 1800, 2013-2016
Space-Time-Matter, Analytic and Geometric Structures, SFB 647, 2013-2017
Berlin Mathematical School, BMS, 2011-2017

Contact me at: emresertoz (at) gmail (dot) com

For my CV click here.