The Inner Circle

Informal discussion of our own work at the IAG

This series of talks will feature the recent work of members of the Institute of Algebraic Geometry at Leibniz University Hannover. The point is to refrain from having polished or complete talks. We want to have a discussion, and it is a bonus if we go off and get lost on a tangential point. Feel free to start collaborations on the board halfway through the talk. Afterward, we go for lunch.

If you want to talk, please come and speak to me. The dates are currently flexible for talks that are not yet announced below.

The speaker and the location of the talk (in spacetime) are below. The subject is the speaker; ask them for more details.

Salvatore FloccariF14210:15-11:4528 November 2022
Domenico ValloniF14210:15-11:4507 November 2022